DMZ Bali is a Korean 3D Trick Art Museum which is a 3D illusion art starting from Korea and developed throughout the world, now present on the island of Bali, the most beautiful place to vacation in Indonesia.The 3D Museum is one of the alternative tourism in Bali that presents a variety of Balinese beauty and arts created by artists through paintings in the DMZ 3D Trick Art. From the illusion of trick art that starts from the entrance, Egyptyan, Piramid, and into cyberspace will bring to a new world that you have never expected before. We will take you to a place that is very surprising and takes you to a world full of fun and fun that is only obtained through the art of 3D illusion. You can enjoy 120 paintings painted by Korean artists. Come and create a special memory in the DMZ, the number 1 Museum in the World that presents the art of illusion.



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