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Deal 1. 1 person Aroma oil Massage 2 hour Aroma oil massage is a Balinese massage therapy using massage oil that contains essential oils (very concentrated plant oil). Massage aroma oils throughout your body makes it comfortable and relaxes your body’s tension. Original $40 Hype $16
Deal 2. 1 person Lavender Signature 2 hour Balinese treatment using papaya oil and green tea scrubs is very good for maintaining healthy skin and counteracting free radicals. Green tea has a high content of antioxidants both for skin tightening. Original $85 Hype $34
Deal 3. 1 person Hot Stone Massage 2 hour Healing power of warm volcanic stone are placed on key energy points, while the deep penetration heal from the stones are used to massage the body and release muscular tension and balance the spirit. Original $71 Hype $28

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2 Hour Massage Packages

Aroma Oil, Lavender Signature, Hot Stone


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